Skip to main content has launched a renovated site, with a complete overhaul of the fully hosted version in one of the largest updates ever. The WordPress platform’s update includes an open source format, a desktop app and key improvements in functionality. Nicknamed Calypso, has been revamped by Automattic, who have rewritten the program from scratch. Calypso is a redesign of the WordPress dashboard, a convenience which allows users to read, write and manage WordPress sites in one place.

Offering an open source on GitHub, the user has the ability to redistribute and modify source code, as long as the user adheres to compliance regulations.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this upgrade would be the release of a personalized desktop app. The WordPress team created a Mac app to access, which is similar to a Slack desktop app. The app looks and functions almost exactly as if accessing the website through a desktop, with additional features, such as notifications. Currently, applications for Linux and Windows are also in the works.

All in all, users will notice a cleaner, faster and more efficient platform, with a more or less identical experience, whether choosing to use the web version or app. Releasing a modern web app has allowed to compete with newcomers and remain current in a fast-paced, technologically saturated world.

Functionality improvements include the fact that is now a completely separate entity from the WordPress core. is an admin interface that interacts with WordPress core, similar to any third-party interface and app on the market today. REST API is used to find and publish posts, upload photos and more. In addition, a completely new stack was used, switching to a program that was built using JavaScript and API calls versus PHP and MySQL. This alteration allows the server to issue a fully functioning WordPress Client that mostly runs in the browser. As a Single Page Application, the user will have minimal loading screens when interacting with the interface and superior functionality and responsiveness on mobile phones and tablets. While the ability to go directly to the admin backend still exists, there are separate options for users of hosted blogs: a self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack plug-in or a WordPress VIP site.

This upgrade has achieved exceptional results with a polished online experience. While most sites choose to run compiled source code to avoid modification and redistribution, has set the bar with its willingness to offer open source software. The new app allows users to access their sites easily and effectively. Notifications are an additional benefit, with accessibility to up-to-date information and the ability to communicate immediately. Improvements in functionality are necessary to remain contemporary and for the convenience of the users.

With 25% of the web operating on WordPress, this upgrade is a great feat for the industry giant, who are obviously aware of the changes that need to happen to remain relevant and present in the industry of content management systems. has taken the necessary steps to provide a ground-breaking update with outstanding and remarkable results.


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